Russia possible supply China Su-35

“During the talks, we informed the Chinese side that we can supply a standard version of the Su-35 jet fighters, which has been completed and tested, and received Russian Air Force’s certificate,” said Russian official at the Zhuhai Air Show.

“Only flight tests of all types of missiles used by the Su-35 jet fighter require 1,000 flying hours. We can’t do this,” he said.

“The other thing is that the jet fighters are supplied to the Chinese party, the Sukhoi company will be ready to conduct the additional design and experimental work, complete software and introduce writing in aircraft equipment in Chinese,” the official said.


But on the other side, “Jane`s“ wrote that Russia and China still at odds over Su-35 sale. Final contract agreement has been hampered by the two sides’ refusal to compromise on certain key negotiating positions.

China has been trying to acquire the aircraft – along with its Saturn 117S jet engine – for more than four years now.

One of the earliest points of contention in this process was Russian insistence on a minimum buy of 48 aircraft: a position that has since softened to a procurement of just 24 units. (source:Jane`s)


China is also interested to buy missiles from Russia for their jets. Problem was, or better to say, problem is still actual  – Ukraine conflict:

“Earlier, Ukraine supplied the R-27 air-to-air missiles. Enterprises of the Tactical Missiles Corporation manufactured 80% of components. Now we are fully meeting the needs of China,” Obnosov said. “For us supplies to Ukraine can be an additional source of revenue. That is why if the Ukrainian side makes a decision to continue exports to third countries with our components, probably, we will supply our components to them,” Obnosov said.

Su-27 China Air Force and missile R-27

Su-27 China Air Force and missile R-27