India`s back in the air their Su-30 MKI fleet

Su-30 MKI of IAF will fly again soon, after crash of Su-30MKI near Pune on 14.October.
Investigation showed that accident near Pune appeared to be automatic firing of the seats.
17India Air Force chief said that jets will be back within next weeks. This was longest period of suspending Su-30 MKI jets, since 2009. 
A team of 10 experts from Russia is currently in Pune, the Su-30 MKI base, probing the crash that took place on October 14 with both the pilot seats ejecting without any command during landing.
The pilots were safe but the aircraft crashed about 20km short of the runway.
This was the fifth accident involving a Su-30 MKI since 2009. and the fleet has at least been grounded twice earlier.