Hellenic Air Force buying Su-35 ?

Story about Greece is buying Su-35 is again in the air. Based on story from defencenet.gr, its again actual. For years, this is rolling story.

Rosoboronexport (Russian export/import weapons agency) sees Greece as a potential new owner of this 4++ generation bird. Story is about Russia will sell 40 jets to HAF.


Turkey will receive F-35 in next years, so, HAF need to refresh their fleet. Price is very cheaper than western fighters, but nothing will change in avionics and armament than original Su-35.

Not sure how this will go, because whole Hellenic AF is absolutely sided to western technology and armament, and also one very important point is, Greece is NATO country. How will react Nato officials on this…not sure.

Hellenic army already bought equipment from Russia in past, Navy hovercrafts ZUBR class LCAC, but it wasnt strategic important like buying Su-35 jets. Hellenic army already meet Russian SAM systems S-300, TOR, GOA, but some of these systems were adopted from Cyprus after conflict on Island with Turks. On the other side, is there a Russian wish to sell 4++ jets to one Nato country so western technology can see whats inside in modern Su-35 jets? Those are not small questions…Russians are very positive about this, but nothing official from Greek side about this. Is this just story or true, we need to wait and see.

(source: defencenet.gr)