Russian base in Belarus 2016.

Russia will establish airbase in Babruysk, eastern Belarus, in 2016. and transfer there Su-27 jets, said Commander of the Russian AF (Colonel General Bondarev) in October 2014.:

“The airbase of the Russian and Belarusian Air Force will be created in 2016. Su-27 fighter jets will be based there”

Sukhoi`s will be stationed at military airfield, which need recovery, so reconstruction is expected there.


Previously, starting this year Russia, decided to transfer 24 jets Sukhoi Su-27SM3 to Belarus airbase Baranovichi, to provide inviolability of the airspace of the Union State of Russia and Belarus.

Later this year, Russian defence minister, Sergey Shoigu said : “Next year we will deploy 12 combat aircraft Su-27 and two training aircraft Su-27 in addition to a fleet of four Mi-8 helicopters at the airfield in Babruysk. It is support aviation”. Russia will also send four sets of S-300 complexes to the Belarus Army.


Later, due to the situation in Ukraine and the NATO activities, Minsk offered to receive Russian planes to its territory. As a result, 6 Russian fighter planes Su-27 and three military transport planes have flown to the airfield Babruysk.