Dutch F-16 intercepted Russian Su-34s

Dutch F-16s intercepted on 08.December 2014 two Russian Air Force Sukhoi Su-34 Fullbacks, multi-role fighter / bomber over Baltic, based on information from few web sites which called on information from RNLAF.

They flew to each other very close, as you can see in attached video which was recorded by Dutch F-16, Su-34s were armed.

There were hundreds of intercepting over Baltic in last years, much more than in previous time. Is it Cold War finished?

See video:

Su-27 and other inflatable military decoys

During 2010. Russian army was in talks with company Rusbal to buy inflatable jets, tanks, SAM systems including radars and launchers, they are making them very successful.

There is no war without simple tricks, masking and decoys, even today in modern era with everything is digitalized, or “sattelitazed“ …  almost nothing cant work without some kind of software, or computer usage on the field, or air. But decoys have long history in wars…and very successful history. Why not using them…

Find decoys on this photo :)

Migs and Sukhois real jets or decoys

Here are some photos of decoys which tested Russian Army:


S-300 decoy

Su-27 decoy

Su-27 decoy

Tank decoy


Su-27 decoy


S-300 decoy

American Flankers


Maybe you already heard that two Su-27s Flankers were sold to American company “Pride Aircraft Inc“, acquired from Ukraine. Both are UB variants, demilitarized, 100% overhauled, better to say `zero-time`, and both were registered as civilian jets. So, they were like new from factory, but without weapon systems,no IRST,…etc.


Software , navigation equipment were changed to western technology. All cockpit markings were relabeled in English. The aircraft have full IFR U.S. instrumentation and avionics, but retain every bit of character, pedigree, and performance they had in foreign military service. Marks of the jets are 31 and 32, but civilian licence registers are N131SU and N132SU.

Su-27 UB N131SU

Su-27 UB N131SU


Su-27UB N132SU

By information we found, they were sold to Pride Aircraft around 2009 from Ukraine. Pride Aircraft Inc had plans to do some high-altitude research, but company Pride Aircraft went bust and project was terminated. Both aircraft are sold, and price was about $5 million per jet. Customer unknown yet. Here are some photos and videos with both Flankers:

All cockpit markings were relabeled in English

All cockpit markings were relabeled in English

All cockpit markings were relabeled in English


First flight of the N131SU video

Exercise Indra Dhanush 2007 photos

Exercise Indra Dhanush 2007 came to an end on July 12/07, reaching its crescendo with a 6 vs. 6 aerial combat involving 4 Indian Su-30 MKIs, 4 British F3 Tornado air defence variants, 2 British Typhoons, and 2 of the Royal Navy’s GR9 Harriers. An Indian IL-78 MKI aerial tanker and a British E-3D Sentry AWACS aircraft were also in the air. No details were released regarding the results, but we’re sure they made for very interesting debriefs.

Here are some photos from excercise , hope very interesting for you:

RAF Eurofighter Typhoon and IAF Su-30MKI

RAF Eurofighter Typhoon and IAF Su-30MKI

As part of Exercise Indradhanush 2007, IAF Sukhoi-30 MKI and RAF Eurofighter_07

RAFs Eurofighter Typhoon, Tornado and IAF Su-30MKI

RAF Eurofighter Typhoon and IAF Su-30MKI

RAF Tornado F3 and IAF Su-30MKI

RAFs Eurofighter Typhoon, Tornado F3 and IAF Su-30MKI

RAF Eurofighter Typhoon and IAF Su-30MKI

RAFs Eurofighter Typhoon, Tornado F3 and IAF Su-30MKI

RAF Eurofighter Typhoon and IAF Su-30MKI

source: defenseindustrydaily.com


Russian base in Belarus 2016.

Russia will establish airbase in Babruysk, eastern Belarus, in 2016. and transfer there Su-27 jets, said Commander of the Russian AF (Colonel General Bondarev) in October 2014.:

“The airbase of the Russian and Belarusian Air Force will be created in 2016. Su-27 fighter jets will be based there”

Sukhoi`s will be stationed at military airfield, which need recovery, so reconstruction is expected there.


Previously, starting this year Russia, decided to transfer 24 jets Sukhoi Su-27SM3 to Belarus airbase Baranovichi, to provide inviolability of the airspace of the Union State of Russia and Belarus.

Later this year, Russian defence minister, Sergey Shoigu said : “Next year we will deploy 12 combat aircraft Su-27 and two training aircraft Su-27 in addition to a fleet of four Mi-8 helicopters at the airfield in Babruysk. It is support aviation”. Russia will also send four sets of S-300 complexes to the Belarus Army.


Later, due to the situation in Ukraine and the NATO activities, Minsk offered to receive Russian planes to its territory. As a result, 6 Russian fighter planes Su-27 and three military transport planes have flown to the airfield Babruysk.



Dassault Rafale & Su-30MKI / Garuda V

Starting June 2014. “Garuda V“, Indo-French air exercise, held at Jodhpur airbase (India), where fighters from both countries took part of training, Dassault Rafale and Su-30MKI, same classes or 4+ generation fighters.

At least 2 French pilots have done sorties Su-30 MKI  and MiG-27s as well. IAF pilots have been taking spins in the 4 Rafales at Jodhpur as well. Good for everybody for trading or better to say sharing experience to each other.

One nice photo from there:


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