Month: March 2015

Falcons of Russia at MAKS 2007 airshow

Russian pilotage group from Lipetsk military training centre on Su-27 aircraft during a group flight as the world’s most experienced pilots demonstrate their skills above the sky of Zhukovsky, near Mosow, Russia, at the MAKS 2007 International Air Show on 25 August 2007. EPA/SERGEI CHIRIKOV

This year no airshow in Kecskemet, Hungary

Russian Knights at Kecskemet, Hungary airshow 2013 had great display. Unfortunately, this year we will not see airshow there, because HuAF is very busy this year. They are doing air policing missions in Slovenia and the Baltics also, and get the close air support – CAS ability of course outside of their main mission, protection of the Hungarian […]

Sukhoi 5th generation fighter jet PAK-FA (T-50)

Five PAK-FAs have been produced and three more are now being constructed at the Sukhoi Aviation Holding Company Y.A.Gagarin in Komsomolsk-on-Amur (KnAAZ).Sophisticated equipment, stealth technology, super maneuverability, weapons,…placing T-50 or PAK-FA fighter jet to 5th generation fighter jet class. Someone saying this is a copy of American project and serial produced F-35 or F-22, but […]

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