Malaysian Su-30MKM line up

Su-30MKM – A derivative of the India-Russian Su-30MKI, the MKM is a highly specialized version for Royal Malaysian Air Force. It includes thrust vectoring control (TVC) and canards but with avionics from various countries. It will feature head-up displays (HUD), navigational forward-looking IR system (NAVFLIR) and Damocles Laser Designation pod(LDP) from Thales Group of France, MAW-300 missile approach warning sensor (MAWS), RWS-50 RWR and laser warning sensor (LWS) from SAAB AVITRONICS (South Africa) as well as the Russian NIIP N011M Bars Passive electronically scanned array radar, electronic warfare (EW) system, optical-location system (OLS) and a glass cockpit.


Su-30MKA Algerian Air Force

Algerian Air Force has 44 Su-30MKAs in service as of January 2014. Algerian Air Force received its first batch of 8 Su-30MKAs in 2011, and the second batch of 8 Su-30MKAs in 2012 from an order for 16 fighters. In total now Algerian Air Force is using 44 aircraft’s, but they placed new order of 14 jets. Contract is signed. Su-30MKA is version of the Su-30MKI, except with French and Russian avionics for Algeria.

Russia`s state defense order in 2015.


2014.: Rearmament rate in the Russian Armed Forces  has risen by 7%, operability has risen by 5% (to 85%).

2015.: The Russian Defense Ministry is set to continue the rearmament program in the armed forces this year.

Here are orders and plans for modernizing:


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