On this day 1996. was the 1st flight of the Su-37 Terminator

On this day in 1996, was the first flight of the Su-37 with variable thrust vectoring.
The prototype was built as a prototype fighter aircraft Su-35, under the code T-10M-11. Machine was created jointly by OKB. PO Sukhoi and Yakovlev Design Bureau. AM Cradles (“Saturn”), involving several institutions and other organizations.
The first flight on the T-10M-11 made a test pilot, Hero of Russia Yevgeny Frolov. Already in September 1996, a spectacular aerobatics new Russian fighter managed Frolov, foreign experts were able to see in Farnborough.
Thrust vectoring – the function of the nozzle changes the direction of the expiration of the jet. Can improve the performance characteristics of the aircraft. The pilot of the Su-37 can carry out all the control surfaces deflection and rotary nozzles engine by moving the Centre stick.

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Su37_2Text: Aleksandar Vladic / Facebook group Su-27 Flanker Family