Indian air force found unique use for Su-30MKI – transporting donated organs

Indian Air Force used their most advanced fighter jet for unique operation – transporting donated organs from Pune to Delhi. Everything was done with great precision and planning by few agencies in Pune to ensure that kidney and liver reach the patients which are waiting for transplants at Delhi hospitals.


Started with Lalita Sarvade`s son Ganesh which decided to donate his mother`s organs. The 45 year old houswife had suffered head injury in car accident on 18th July and was admitted to Army College and Command Hospital in Pune. On 26th July, doctors declared hers brain dead, after which her son decided to donate her organs.


Everything was great organized, documents and papers are finished fast, traffic police was alerted to be prepared for transport to the airport in Pune so organs can be sent fast to Delhi. The traffic cops created a green corridor from Wanowrie, where the Command Hospital is located, to the Airport. The vehicle carrying the organs reached the Airport in eight minutes.

Once at the Airport, the Indian Air Force (IAF), which had already been alerted, loaded the organs onto a Sukhoi Su 30. The fastest fighter jet with the IAF took off from Pune at 11.20 pm and reached Delhi at 40 minutes past mid night.

The organs, which included a liver and a kidney, were to be transplanted in two patients already admitted at the Army Hospital (R and R) in New Delhi. The liver was meant for an ex-serviceman and the kidney was to go to son of a serving Sergeant in IAF. According to an official release, the two patients at Delhi were in urgent need of transplants and in last stages of liver and kidney diseases. At the time of going to press, both the transplants were said to be successful.


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