Russia sent four Sukhoi Su-30SM fighter jets to Syria – Satellite photo of the Air Base Latakia

Russia sent 4 multirole jet Sukhoi Su-30SM to Syrian Air Base Latakia. Jets came just hours before U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter spoke to his Russian counterpart about Moscow’s deepening role in Syria, a call that ended a long pause in high-level military communication between the U.S. and Russia.

Russia landed there to help Syrian President Bashar al-Assad regime, which fight for a years against rebels or terrorists, and now against Islamic State army which violate the region. Looks like this situation unite Russia and USA against IS terrorists, which behavior put both sides to the table and unite. Of course, there are other interests on both sides. Russia playing role as allied to Syrian regime and all the time Bashar al-Assad had support from Putin side. Also, there is Russian naval facility / port in Tartus city.

On the othabd7d637f8eaer side, White House playing role to change regime in that country and gave support to rebels/terrorists….until Islamic State showed their role of real Devil.

Russia sent few huge lift jets Antonov An-124 with cargo shipments, probably to send technical support to those Sukhois, few days before Su-30SM arrived to Syria. Probably we can expect attack helicopters Mi-28 Havocs or Mi-35M Hind there, together with tanks and armored vehicles soon. Anyway, Russian boot is there, and things are changing. Hope this will do a part for eliminating the Devil from there.


Today appeared video clip on YouTube where we can see Russian four Sukhois Su-24 Fencers and Air Tanker Ilyushin Il-78 Midas near Latakia Air base, probably to join already landed Su-30SM. This showing huge steps by Russia to Syrian conflict. What Kind of jets Russia sent to Syria, you can read if you click HERE

Here you can see video: