Russian knights received the second installment of Su-30sm

Airport Kubinka:

Aerobatics Air-group “Russian Knights” received the four fighter Su-30sm, and on 1th December, will start to fly on the new technique, reported in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.




“The second batch of Su-30sm have just arrived in Kubinka from the factory. “Russian Knights” is fully equipped with new fighters, so from 1 December, the pilots will fly a new aircraft.” – representative of the Russian military department said. He added that the air group pilots passed the theoretical and simulator training on the Su-30cm in Lipetsk Air Base, and have already performed several flights with an instructor pilot.

“Squadron, which formed on the basis of air group” Russian Knights “, will now fly on airplanes of two types – the Su-27 and Su-30sm”, – noted in the Ministry of Defense.

Su-30cm is a super-maneuverable multifunctional fighter generation “4 ++”, with combined functions of a fighter, attack aircraft and bombers, equipped with radar with a phased antenna array, engines with thrust vector control and canards.