Sukhoi Su-30 Capabilities


Multirole fighter Sukhoi-30SM is an offspring of the Sukhoi-30 family. The latest alteration boasts the same capabilities as the export-oriented Sukhoi-30 MKI. Its onboard electronic equipment was adjusted to meet domestic requirements. The plane’s weaponry was changed and a new ejection seat installed.

The Sukhoi-30SM (batch-produced, upgraded) is meant for gaining air supremacy and attacking surface targets on land and in the sea. Horizontal stabilizers in the front part of the fuselage and thrust vectoring engines lend the plane super-maneuverability.



The plane is equipped with a multi-functional control radar Bars, a system of refueling in flight, new navigation systems, wider range of group operations control equipment and an improved life support system.
The Sukhoi-30SM has impressive flight range and duration parameters, such as a combat range of 1,500 kilometers. It can also be used for training pilots for single-seat fighter jets of the future.
Twelve suspension devices enable the plane to carry medium-range air-to-air missiles of the R-27 family (up to eight), R-77 (ten) and short-range R-73 missiles (up to six).
Armed with anti-radar and anti-ship missiles Kh-31P and Kh-31A (up to six) the Sukhoi-30SM can be used in operations to suppress enemy air defense and destroy surface ships. Also, the Sukhoi-30SM is capable of delivering pin-point strikes with:
– Kh-59 family missiles (up to five);
– Guided air bombs KAB-250 (up to six), KAB-500 (up to six) and KAB 1500 (up to three);
– Kh-29T missiles with a TV-guided warhead (up to six);
– Unguided air bombs (100 kg, 250 kg and 500 kg).
– Sets of unguided missiles S-8 (set B-8M) and S-13 (B-13P), and S-24 and S-25 missiles.