OPK secretly Developed System “friend or foe” for the fighter PAK-FA

OPK has completed development of a system of radar identification “friend or foe” for the fifth-generation fighter T-50 (PAK FA), a new set of different immunity to interference and enhanced electronic stealth, said on Wednesday the press service of the corporation.

Work on the creation of this equipment as part of the defense industry leads the Central Research Institute of Economy, Informatics and Management Systems.

“The combined instrument-making company has completed the development of radar identification system” friend or foe “for advanced and modernized aircraft complexes Su-35S, the PAK FA and IL-76,” – said in a statement.



The press service specified that the software and hardware designed to determine the state of aircraft supplies military and civil aircraft and their recognition in order to protect “their” flying machines from the erroneous destruction.



“Most of the identification system” friend or foe “today is already technically obsolete high energy visibility of such equipment is an important factor in unmasking, which can take advantage of the defeat of the enemy at the end.” – Said the first deputy general director CRI EISU Inna Grigorenko, which quoted the press service.
She added that “the new software and hardware complex substantially increased range resolution, provided protection from interference and reduced output power, which can significantly increase the level of secrecy of electronic and energy of the whole system.”

In 2016, the system has successfully passed preliminary tests and showed a high level of performance in a complex electronic environment, as well as extreme temperatures and mechanical damage. The modular construction of the system can be integrated into the avionics like an old fleet and advanced aircraft systems such as the PAK FA and the Su-35S