Tactical-Technical Specifications MIG-35

Normal takeoff weight – 19 200 kg (the MiG-35D – 19 000 kg).
Maximum take-off – 24,500 (both types).
Maximum speed at an altitude – 2100 km / h at sea level – 1400 km / h.
Practical ceiling – 16 000 m.
The radius of the MiG-35 action with missiles “air-to-air” and three external fuel tanks (PTB) – 1000-1400 km (depending on the composition of weapons and altitude), with impact weapons and three PTB – 800-1100 km.
Twin-seat version MiG-35D missile “air-air” and three PTB is able to perform tasks at a distance of 900-1300 km from the home base, with missiles “air-to-surface” and three drop tanks – 750-1050 km.
Maximum operational overload of both types of fighters – 9,0 g.

Optical-location station
Aircraft equipped with sighting and navigation system, electro-optical system forward-looking OLS-UEM development of JSC “SPC” Precision Instrumentation Systems. “It provides combat use of aircraft on the background of the earth, the sea and clouds in all conditions.
The system can detect the air, ground and surface targets in the mid-infrared and visible light, as well as to laser illumination of objects. This station can be installed on all aircraft from the new unified family of fighters Corporation “MiG”.