A Brand Name in The Aviation World : Su-35

The Su-35 is a 4++ generation aircraft employing technologies of the fifth generation. They make it superior to all other 4th generation fighters now under development worldwide

The first experimental Su-35, completed in summer 2007 at Komsomolsk-na-Amure Aviation Production Association (KnAAPO) first appeared at Russia’s MAKS-2007 air show.

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Dog vs Su-30MKI On New Agra-Lucknow Expressway

Less than a minute before the first of the Indian Air Force or IAF’s Sukhoi 30 fighters was to do a touch and go on the new Agra-Lucknow Expressway, a dog strayed into the meticulously rehearsed event.
The dog strutted down the middle of the air strip like a show horse and very nearly caused the IAF to abort the manoeuvres of its top gun fighters.

Irkut Corporation expands Su-30MKI Program

Irkut Corporation (a member of UAC) participates in AERO INDIA 2017 Air Show (Bangalore, 14-18 February). The corporate products are represented in models of Su-30MKI, Yak-130, MC-21, and Yak-152 aircraft at the stand of UAC.

Su-30MKI multirole fighters are the exceptional exhibits of AERO INDIA 2017. These aircraft constitute the backbone of the Indian Air Force. Traditionally, Su-30MKIs are presented at static display and in the flight program of the air show.


Su-30MKI program comprising development, deliveries, establishment of licence manufacturing, has become one the most successful Russia’s military-technical cooperation programmes. While participating in numerous international exercises, the pilots of Indian Air Force flying Su-30MKI fighters have been repeatedly winning combat training engagements against modern fighter aircraft of various types.

Currently, Indian enterprises are building up Su-30MKI overhaul infrastructure.

The presentation on Su-30MKI program status is available at the official web-site of Irkut Corporation.




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Russian SU-35S Fighter Jet Enters Service

The Russian Defense Ministry has published a jaw-dropping video of the state-of-the-art multirole Su-35S fighter jet on its YouTube channel.
The Su-35S’s super-maneuverability is provided by a new engine with thrust vector control, which allows the aircraft to reach supersonic speeds without using afterburners.

Defined as a Generation 4++ fighter, the Su-35S is capable of flying at a speed of up to 2,400 kilometers per hour and ascending to a height of 20,000 meters.

The plane’s maximum range stands at 3,600 kilometers, and with an additional fuel tank the figure can be increased by 900 kilometers. Notably, the Su-35S was developed with the help of high technology used in the creation of Russia’s fifth generation aircraft, the T-50 PAK FA.

Last year, the German magazine Stern said that it is the Su-35S, not the fifth-generation US F-22 warplane, that can be considered the world’s deadliest fighter jet.

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