Fighter Jets Midair Accidents Landings at Air Shows

Military Jet Aircraft Crashes Fails Compilation of Fighter Plane Accidents in Midair Airfield Landings and at Airshows – featuring the following Video clips of Military Fighter Jets including: F-16; Saab Gripen; Russian Mig-29s; F-22 Raptor; F-14; and A-4 F-18.
Clip 1: F-16 Cockpit View of a Crash at an Air show at Mountain Home Air Force Base, a Thunderbirds Display Team Jet Fighter Pilot ejects just before the Crash.
Clip 2: F-16 Crash at an Air Show, a Thunderbirds Display Team Pilot ejects from a Jet Plane at an Air Show at Mountain Home Air Force Base.
Clip 3: Saab JAS 39 Gripen Fighter Jet Plane Crashes at an Air show at Stockholm Sweden on 8th August 1993.
Clip 4: Two Russian Mig 29 Jet Fighter Planes Crash in a Mid Air Collision at the Fairford Air Show Gloucestershire England on July 24th 1993.
Clip 5: F-22 Raptor Crash Lands during a Test Flight at USAF Edwards Air Force Base California in the month of April 1992.
Clip 6: F-14 Tomcat Jet Fighter Flyby Explosion and Crash, after a Supersonic Boom Fly Over the USS John Paul Jones on 20 September 1995.
Clip 7: A-4 Skyhawk Crashes after an F-18 Hornet Drop Test of a Dummy Bomb Fails, in a Mid-Air Accident over the waters of Chesapeake Bay in 1984.

References: Viewral Video Channel