Ukraine received back two Su-27 and two MiG-29 after overhauling

Ukraine has returned into service two Su-27 and two MiG-29 which were under overhauling, announced by president office on 5th January.

Ceremony of returning back two Fulcrums and pair of Flankers was at Ozerne Airbase, and president Petro Porosenko was attended to ceremony.

Together with 4 fighter jets, around 150 vehicles and other weapon systems were back to army hands after overhauling.


When situation with Russia started, early 2014., Ukraine has returned scores of aircraft to service that would otherwise have become non airworthy due to a lack of investment in the country’s armed forces. These have included MiG-29s and Su-27s, as well as Sukhoi Su-24 Fencer and Su-25 Frogfoot strike aircraft, and Antonov An-26 Curl transport aircraft.


Ukrainian Air Force, or lets say whole Ukrainian army suffered because of non investing for years, and in the moment when Russian forces entered Crimea, had instant disadvantage.

On 21st March 2014. elite Russian Brigade Spetsnaz  took / overrun Air base Belbek and Ukraininan Air Force lost 45 jets, including MiG-29 Fulcrum and L-39 trainer/light strike jet.

Fact is that yearly non investing showed results during conflict in eastern part of Ukraine. Poorly maintained combat jets and outdated, as well as poorly trained pilots.

So many transports, fighters and helicopters were shot down in last year, at least about 20 of them. Air Force suffered high loss during 2014. Now are trying to catch the last train, with overhauling of present equipment.

On paper, Ukraine AF have very strong Air Force but real situation is very bad if you compare with paper.

After SSSR breaking up, 1992. Ukraine AF had very powerful aviation. They have inherited from SSSR:

– strategic bombers Tu-160 (about 20) + Tu-95 Bear (about 27)

– Tu-16, Tu-22 i Tu-22M

– Su-24,Su-25,Su-17(Su-22), MiG-23, MiG-25

– on that time very modern fighters jets MiG-29 (217 aircrafts) and Su-27(65 aircrafts)

– lot of transport helicopters and aircrafts + combat helicopters Mil Mi-24

On paper they have now about 170 combat aircrafts and many of them are not flyable. If they are on 50% of paper possibilities, they are good. Situation is very bad. Overhauling plants in Ukraine had and have possibilities to do overhauling, modernizing, maintenance servicing, but non-investing for years has taken its toll.

MiGs-29 which were on Belbek and overtaken by Spetsnaz are returned to Ukraine later, but most of them were non flyable. Maybe about 20 of all MiGs are flyable. Situation with Su-27 is not much better, or almost the same, about 20 are flyable.

Source: IHS Janes



“Libyan National Army claims to have received four new Sukhoi jet fighters“???

“Libya Herald“ (the Independent Libya online daily)  yesterday published information that Libyan National Army received 4 (four) NEW Sukhoi jet. They wrote that Libyan National Army (LNA), i.e. Air Force, representing the House of Representatives (HoR)/ Abdullah Thinni government based in eastern Libya, claimed yesterday that it has received four new Sukhoi SU-27 fighter jets.


Ukrainian selling their flyable Flankers?


On the other side, there is no confirmation for this, but that “informed military sources in the LNA confirmed on monday that 4 new Sukhoi fighter jets effectively joined the squadrons of the Libyan Air Force“. These information they received from official pro HoR LANA news Agency.

Some of the words from their text we are forwarding here in origin:

-These jets would strengthen the capabilities of the LNA in the war it is waging against the ”extremist and terrorist militias” in any place in Libya, the source added .

– The report said that the source informed that the SU-27 has a 150 round G-301 gun and a number of rockets including medium range radar directed R-27R1 and R-27T1 rockets and air-to-ground munitions with weights of 100, 250 and 500 kg.

– The new Sukhoi jet fighters, the source claimed, are capable of remaining in the air for longer periods and can ‘’maneuver and re-attack once, twice, three times’’, the source concluded.

– The new Sukhoi jet fighters, the source claimed, are capable of remaining in the air for longer periods and can ‘’maneuver and re-attack once, twice, three times’’, the source concluded.

– The statement about the Sukhois claims that they are ‘’new’’, but did not clarify if they were brand new purchases or a new addition of renovated old jets to the existing Air Force squadrons. It is not clear if these are brand new Sukhois or old Sukhoi’s repaired or loaned to Libya from neighboring states or allies.

– Libya is not listed as an official purchaser of the Russian made Sukhoi SU-27. And nor is Egypt or the UAE. However, the Ukraine is, and at an official price tag of US$ 30 million each, it is being speculated that Libya is more likely to have purchased second hand or renovated Sukhois. There is no confirmation of this, however.

If this report of the arrival of new fighter jets to one of the Libyan rivals in Libya’s bloody and destructive conflict is accurate, this could possibly mark a watershed point in the escalation of the Libyan conflict. Monday’s scheduled UN sponsored talks between the two sides were postponed ostensibly because there could not be an agreement on where to hold the talks.

Yesterday, HoR President, Ageela Salah, told the media that he did not see a military solution to Libya’s current problems and that he welcomed dialogue. Today, the General National Council (GNC) released a statement on its version of LANA saying much the same.

What is clear is that the pro-HoR LNA is seeking to achieve an aerial advantage to make up for its ground disadvantage in western Libya. LNA fighter jets have carried out numerous air raids at the foot of the Nefusa Mountains, near Zwara and Abu Kamash, in Maetiga airport and in Misrata.

At the time that both sides are saying that they are interested in dialogue, they have both been simultaneously ratcheting up the fighting.

Meanwhile, in a further development, the LNA Air Force yesterday threatened to shoot down any Sudanese or Turkish aircraft, military or civilian, that enters Libyan airspace. Turkish airline flights to Libya have been, and are still suspended until further notice. The Sudanese airlines has not been flying to Libya.

Libya Herald, 6.January 2015.


Our conclusion for this text from Libyan Herald is: first – that there is no such NEW Sukhois Su-27. Su-27 are not in production line for many many years already.

Second:There is a chance that Ukrainian offered them some used Flankers, but think its not a good moment for themselves because of situation in their local conflict and situation with Russia. So, are they ready to sell some useful fighter jets in this situation? We think no, but cant bet on that.

Third: they need trained pilots for Su-27 Flanker fighter jets, which need more than few weeks. Libyan Air Force had at the moment just few fighter jets: Mirage F1, MiG-21 and MiG-23, not more than 10. So, no Sukhoi Su-27 experience. Maybe will fly some pilots from country they bought (if they) Sukhois for start and in meantime will training new Libyan pilots….cant say yes or no but its possible. But at least one Su-27 need to be in version UB (training two seater ).

I cant see any of countries which have Su-27 in flyable condition to offer them jets except Ukraine.

And at the end, what they can do with 4 fighter jets Su-27 against terrorists on ground? For that job they have already MiG-23Well trained pilots on Migs they have now can do a job against terrorist in the air at any time.

Libya already showed interest to buy some western made jets, Rafale and Eurofighter Typhoons and other equipment, so why they now search for Sukhois?

Not sure this is true information, but lets see…maybe we receive some confirmation about Libyan Sukhois in meantime.


Real Flight Simulator Su-35

Recently journalists had chance to visit OKB “Sukhoi” and  see and look at the new training simulator designed for training pilots multipurpose fighter Su-35.


click to enlarge

The Su-35 is a deep modernization of the Su-27 and belongs to a generation 4 ++. The aircraft is designed for air superiority, as well as to destroy air ground and surface targets.

Inside fighter Su-35 is fifth-generation technologies that provide superior fighter in its class. Distinctive differences of the Su-35 to Su-27 are new engines with increased thrust TVC, wide range of aircraft weapons, new avionics based on digital information management system and software, a new set of on-board radio-electronic equipment with a phased array radar and two-stage hydraulic drive, etc… Radar of the Su-35 can detect the type of fighter with the goal of flight efficiency dispersion in three square meters at a distance of about 400 km.

10679924564_aafbea72e6_oThe aircraft has ultra-high maneuverability at low and near-zero rates. This capability is provided through the use of special aerodynamic design and the latest engines with thrust vector control (TVC).

10679908066_1ac65333a3_oOKB “Sukhoi” plans to make an training complex. It consists of an integrated simulator, procedural and educational computer class flight and engineering technical staff, who are united in a single information and methodological framework that will make all the things complex for training of pilots and engineering staff together.



10679908836_0a2ca3b818_oThe class is theoretical training with an automated control knowledge elements and are processed in a procedural simulator and then on the complex, which looks similar to origin cabin of the Su-35 fighter (closing lantern, safety harness, with a spherical dome visualization 270×110 degrees.), and it can practicing almost all kind of processes and problems.

10679926664_a85975196a_oIt can be used in network so can connect up to 16 simulators and at the same time perform group training pilots. Over time, it will be possible to combine different types of exercise equipment in one information environs – training -simulator complex. In the future its planned to integrate simulators of other Russian developers.

10679907096_844ae8d452_oIntegrated simulator purposely is not equipped with mobility system, because the system can simulate only a small part of a large range of highly maneuverable fighter overload, and with mobility will show and display inculcate false skills.

10679925974_8eb78cdd74_oThe simulator can perform almost all the same tasks as the pilot is in the plane, including air refueling and the most important thing – testing of emergency situations. This simulator even surpasses the real plane because simulate some troubles and failures situation which are in reality very dangerous, and sometimes impossible. And this is one of the key functions of the simulator.

10679907126_e48c157123_oHow does work simulator

Workplace of the Su-35 pilot in full flight simulators is a ventilated enclosed cabin type, where there are everything necessary for comfortable combat mission.
On desk with monitors, outside the cockpit, is instructor place.

The basic controls are: Pilot control stick, engine control levers and pedals.

10679907746_640b9eb5bb_oInformation tools are collimator aviation pilot light with a control panel display, which displays flight information, two MFI-35 (multifunction display) every 15 ” control integrated system backup devices, multi-function remote display with a working field 4×5 ” helmet-mounted display system and a voice alarm system.

Multi-function board with a working field 4×5 ”  is used to configure all aircraft systems, including radar sighting and navigation equipment, weapons, video recording system.

10679925844_968cbc1773_oAutomatic thrust control and automatic control system, allows, pilot to keep control a desired rate of movement in all maneuvers and in any conditions or fully automatically keep the aircraft on the route in accordance with the flight plan. The must-do of the pilot is reduced only to the take-off and landing tasks, as well as deciding on the use of weapons.

How we fly here?

First, the instructor make a flight scenario of the exercises with given tactical and meteorological conditions on a real map in a given area. Also, the instructor can quickly enter into a flight or cause failures and faults by monitoring the reactions of the pilot.

10794903066_068d42c773_oWorkplace of the instructor is desk with multiple monitors. On the three-dimensional map shows the pivot points, the turning points of the route, and some goals. On another monitor instructor is monitoring the reaction of the pilot, authorities and management and flight parameters. On the third display is general view of the simulator, etc …

Any of the buttons, displays, conditions,…instructor have possibility to zoom in virtual on his monitor.

In fact, flight is happening by itself. The learner is in the cockpit, and the instructor at his workplace. After the training, there is debriefing.

In the photo test pilot OKB “Sukhoi” Sergey Chernyshev performs a test flight and shares his impressions with reporters.


According to Sergei, the philosophy of modern combat mission is as follows: a pilot taking off and waits until the plane automatically to reach a given point; then he decides to use of weapons in accordance with the combat mission (presses the button “defeat the enemy”), waiting until the plane comes back to the base. Thats all.

“The list of tasks to be solved and is already doing this plane is huge. It is characterized by an enormous range of altitudes and speeds, impressive range and endurance, a huge range of weapons that can be used at any time and in any weather conditions. And all these possibilities controls only one person! ”

All photos by: Marina Lystseva (


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