Video and photos recorded during Vigilant Skies 2013 exercise


A live counter-terrorism exercise called Vigilant Skies 2013 was held in August 2013. to test the NATO-Russia Council (NRC) Cooperative Airspace Initiative (CAI) Information Exchange System.

The participants of exercise are Turkish, Polish and Russian fighter aircraft and air traffic controllers. Scenario is hijacking two civilian airplanes in Turkish, Russian and Polish airspace. All air traffic controllers coordinated fighters to do intercepting and escorting the airplane to landings.

Cooperative Airspace Initiative (CAI) is launched in 2002 to develop sharing air traffic information and communication capability to coordinate for scenarios like above mentioned, terrorist air security threats.

CAI network consist of 4 air traffic control stations in Nato countries and 4 in Russia, where they are connected by coordination centers in Warsaw and Moscow.











Vigilant Eagle exercise (high res. photo)

Canadian CF-18 Hornet aircraft from 409 Squadron in Cold Lake, Alberta and Russian Su-27 aircraft from Anadyr, Russia practice procedures to transfer a simulated hijacked airplane from Russian to American airspace during the NORAD Exercise VIGILANT EAGLE 13 on August 28, 2013.

Photo: Cpl Vicky



Australian welcome to Indonesian Flanker – Pitch Black 2012. exercise Darwin

Two Australian No. 77 Squadron F/A-18 Hornet Aircraft welcome Indonesian Air Force (TNI AU) Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker aircraft into Darwin to participate in Exercise Pitch Black 2012. Mid CaptionExercise Pitch Black is a major multi-national biennial exercise hosted by the Royal Australian Air Force, involving Offensive Counter Air and Offensive Air Support missions being flown at training ranges across the Northern Territory. Exercise Pitch Black 12 was held from 27 July to 17 August 2012, and involved 2200 personnel and up to 94 aircraft from Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand and the United States.

Australian F/A-18 and Su-27 and SU-30

Australian F/A-18 and Indonesian Su-27 and SU-30

Dassault Rafale & Su-30MKI / Garuda V

Starting June 2014. “Garuda V“, Indo-French air exercise, held at Jodhpur airbase (India), where fighters from both countries took part of training, Dassault Rafale and Su-30MKI, same classes or 4+ generation fighters.

At least 2 French pilots have done sorties Su-30 MKI  and MiG-27s as well. IAF pilots have been taking spins in the 4 Rafales at Jodhpur as well. Good for everybody for trading or better to say sharing experience to each other.

One nice photo from there: