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A Brand Name in The Aviation World : Su-35

The Su-35 is a 4++ generation aircraft employing technologies of the fifth generation. They make it superior to all other 4th generation fighters now under development worldwide The first experimental Su-35, completed in summer 2007 at Komsomolsk-na-Amure Aviation Production Association (KnAAPO) first appeared at Russia’s MAKS-2007 air show. Source: РИА Новости

Russian SU-35S Fighter Jet Enters Service

The Russian Defense Ministry has published a jaw-dropping video of the state-of-the-art multirole Su-35S fighter jet on its YouTube channel. The Su-35S’s super-maneuverability is provided by a new engine with thrust vector control, which allows the aircraft to reach supersonic speeds without using afterburners. Defined as a Generation 4++ fighter, the Su-35S is capable of […]

Refueling fourth-generation fighters.

Flight-tactical exercises carried out for the preparation for competition “Aviadarts-2017”. Involving more than 20 aircrew fighter fourth-generation Su-27SM3 and Su-30sm refuelling was carried out day and night on the heights of 3 to 6 thousand m and about 600 km / h speed. Tankers Il-78 worked rise into the air with a maximum takeoff weight […]

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