Russia and India modernizing Su-30MKI and SM to carry supersonic cruise missiles

Flight tests started in India with 1st Su-30 MKI  Flanker-C, multi-role fighter jet modified by mutual, Russian and Indian team of specialist to carry BrahMos-A supersonic cruise missiles.

Russian made Su-30MKI will get an upgrade to carry supersonic cruise missiles. Jets will be modernized for both ari forces, Indian and Russian.


India already started flight tests on 1st Su-30MKI modified by Russian and Indian experts, to carry BrahMos missiles.

2nd Su-30MKI jet is continuing and will be ready during this year.

BrahMos Aerospace head confirmed that flight tests would be over this year.

India invested already $1.1 billion to purchase 200 BrahMos missiles which will carry Su-30MKI fighter jets. Total 42 Su-30MKIs will modernize in India HAL corporation facility to carry modern supersonic cruise missiles BrahMos-A.

Russia will modernize their Su-30SM fighters at irkut Aircraft Corporation, to carry supersonic cruise missiles, said Irkut CEO Oleg Demchenko at LIMA 2015 air show.

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Source: TASS Agency


Evolution of Sukhoi PAK-FA (T-50) stealth multirole fighter fifth generation

On this infographic you can see potential evolution for Russian PAK-FA T-50 stealth multi-role fighter fifth generation, which will receive code Su-50, when production line starts serial production. Plan for serial production was on January 2016, and will fly under flags of Russia, South Korea, India and Iran.

There are already 5 prototypes.

Sukhoi wants to start producing of special version for Indian Air Force (IAF), which will gets code Su-50E.

If ever South Korean choose to buy Su-50 as their new fighter, they will getting version with local avionics, and jet will get code Su-50EK.

Su-50E have chance to get brother twin seat version co-developed with India for IAF around 2020. year.

In the same year, Sukhoi plans to share with the world Su-55-FGFAM, modernized version of twin seater.

At the end, around 2022. year Iranians are planning to get their Su-50ES version (if ever)

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