Su-27 / T-10 prototypes flying – video and something about!!! – 4 min of joy

May 20, 1977 the first prototype designated T10-1 took off. After an evaluation it was discovered that the T10-1 did not fulfil its requirements for maximum range, and manoeuvrability, and thus proved inferior to its western counterparts. The prototype had aerodynamics problems, engine problems and fuel consumption problems. The second prototype the T10-2 crashed because of a fly-by-wire software failure which resulted in the death of the test pilot. After such disappointing results the from the T10 program Sukhoi seemed to stop T10 development, because there were no more T10 prototypes tested. They didn’t, by 1981 a new design was introduced loosely based on the old T10. The new aircraft was designated T10S which was to become what today is known as the Su27 Flanker. The T10S prototype flew on April 20, 1981. The T10S showed it self to be a masterpiece of engineering having no equal anywhere in the world in range, manoeuvrability, and combat effectiveness.

The Su-27, a Russian fourth-generation single-seat supersonic fighter, is recognised all over the globe as one of the best combat aircraft of the 20th century. Due to its perfect flight performances and operational characteristics, the fighter is rightfully popular with pilots and technicians. Top piloting capabilities of the Su-27 fighter demonstrated during multiple air shows around the world did not leave anyone indifferent. The Su-27 is in the top lines of the aviation record tables of the International
Aircraft Federation. To the date, the Su-27 is a record-holder of 27 world class flight achievements. The Su-27 is the forefather of a combat aircraft family of various functionality, including the Su-27UB trainer, Su-27K ship-borne fighter (Su-33), Su-30 twin-seat interceptor, Su-30MK twin-seat multirole fighter, Su-34 tactical bombers Su-35, Su-37 Su-35BM and other high-manoeuvrability multirole aircraft.

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Ukraine Su-27 Flankers with U.S. Air National Guard F-16s

Two U.S. Air National Guard F-16 aircraft, left, fly in formation with two Ukraine SU-27 aircraft over Mirgorod Air Base, Ukraine, July 22, 2011, during Safe Skies 2011. Safe Skies is a joint U.S., Ukraine and Polish exercise during which Air National Guard pilots fly engagements with Ukrainian SU-27, Mig-29s and Polish F-16s in preparation for the 2012 London Olympics and 2012 EUROCup and 2014 Winter Games in Europe. (DoD photo by Master Sgt. James D. Berg, U.S. Army/Released)

SAFE SKIES 2011: A two-week multinational flying event

Kazakhstan will get Su-30SM Flanker C

Looks like Kazakhstan decided to modernize their Air Force and will get multi-role fighter Sukhoi Su-30SM Flanker C.On 4th February Kazakhstan government announced this news.

Commander of Kazakhstan Air Defense Forces visited Irkutsk Aviation plant and disclosure this. In Irkutsk Aviation Plant is production line for Su-30SM.


The government announcement did not disclose aircraft numbers or delivery timelines.

The two-seat Su-30SM features an improved radar, communications, and ejector-seat system.  Su-30SM is developed from Indian Su-30MKI and is in service in Russian Air Force to feel gaps until Su-35 and PAK-FA enter service.

Kazakhstan, as a former Soviet Republic and member of Collective Security Treaty Organization, and as a good relation with Russia, have felt they need to follow Russian platform for their Air Force and Defense.

Kazakhstan Air and Air Defense Forces using Soviet-era jets, like Su-27 Flanker, MiG-29 Fulcrum, Su-25 Frogfoot, MiG-27 Flogger and MiG-31 Foxhound which are inherited from Soviet Air Force.


Kazakh Su-27 UB




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