Russian Tu-160 Blackjack Strategic Bomber Dropping Kh-555 Cruise Missile – Recorder from Bomb Bay

The Kh-555 is a conventional variant of the Kh-55.Kh-55SM

The nuclear
warhead has been replaced by a 400 kg unitary
HE, penetration HE, or submunitions warhead. Other notable changes include the following:

  • Larger conformal fuel tanks (compared to the Kh-55SM)
  • Reduced radar cross-section.
  • Improved accuracy.
  • Increased range, 3,500 km.

*on photo is Kh-55SM


Here is a video of loading cruise missile to bomb bay Tu-160 Blackjack

Kh-29L Air-to-Surface Missile / NATO codename AS-14 Kedge

Designed:                          Soviet Union 1975 (X-29)800px-Kh-29L_(1)
Manufacturer:                    Vympel
Weight:                               660 kgs
Length:                               390 cm
Diameter:                            38  cm
Warhead:                            HE Armour-piercing
Warhead weight:                320 kgs
Detonation mechanism :     Impact
Engine:                               Fixed thrust solid fuel rocket
Wingspan:                          110 cm
Op. range min/max:           3-10 km
Speed:                               1,470 km/h (910 mph)
Guidance System:             semi-active Laser guidance

06-02-Kh-29LThe Kh-29L air-to-surface missiles are designed to engage visually observed hardened ground and surface targets, such as big railway and highway bridges, industrial installations, concrete runways, aircraft in reinforced concrete shelters, surface vessels displacing up to 10,000 tonnes. Kh-29L is equipped with a semi-active laser guidance system using reflected laser illumination spot.

The missiles are armed with a high explosive penetrating warhead and an impact target sensor. They are powered by a single-mode solid-fuel rocket engine.The missiles make part of weapon systems of multi-role fighters and attack aircraft

Attack tactics with Kh-29L by Su-34 Fullback