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Russian Tu-160 Blackjack Strategic Bomber Dropping Kh-555 Cruise Missile – Recorder from Bomb Bay

The Kh-555 is a conventional variant of the Kh-55. The nuclear warhead has been replaced by a 400 kg unitary HE, penetration HE, or submunitions warhead. Other notable changes include the following: Larger conformal fuel tanks (compared to the Kh-55SM) Reduced radar cross-section. Improved accuracy. Increased range, 3,500 km. *on photo is Kh-55SM Here is a […]

RBK-500 cluster bomb (Razovaya Bombovaya Kasseta)

This long-serving series is one of, if not the, most common cluster bombs in the world. The common designation stands for Razovaya Bombovaya Kasseta (RBK), or “single-use cassette bomb”. All are hollow metal shells which split open after drop. They can be carried in supersonic flight (though with a significant drag penalty) and place no […]

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