Tag: sea flanker

American officer in Su-33

A Russian Navy officer explains his aircraft to a visiting U.S. Navy officer while the aircraft sits on the flight deck of the Russian Aircraft Carrier Adm. Kuznetsov as it steamed in the Mediterranean Sea on Jan. 7, 1996. The aircraft carrier became the meeting place for the First Deputy Commander of the Russian Navy […]

Su-27K Flanker-D (Su-33) – Sea Flanker in details

The Su-33 jet has been developed on the platform of the Su-27; it is manufactured in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The Su-33 is a single-seat ship-based STOBAR fighter, with upward folding wings and horizontal tail surfaces (for hangar storage); it is equipped with probe-and-drogue flight refuelling capability. The Su-33 is designed for defence of naval ships from aerial threats. […]

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