FAB-250 M54 bomb

fab-250-hromadne_123Entering service in the early 1950s, this general-purpose bomb could be carried on planes as small as the MiG-17 “Fresco” or as large as the Tu-22M “Backfire”. During the Afghan War, it was even dropped by helicopters. A major limitation was that if carried externally, the plane had to stay subsonic. Unlike the American Mk8x-series dumb bombs, the Soviets never invested in wind-tunnel aerodynamics or ablative coatings for their general use iron bombs. The FAB-250 is one of the most common airborne weapons of the 20th century; the Soviets produced so many that they eventually stopped issuing serial numbers on them. The list of nations that have not used the FAB-250 would be shorter than those who have.

Weight: 565lbs

Warhead: HE unitary

07RussianFAB250M54GeneralPuurposeBombsource: harpoondatabases.com