Induced Duel in the Kursk Region : MiG-29 vs Su-34

Crews of MIG-29SMT fighters will conduct air battles with Su-34 bombers in the Kursk region, the press service of the Western Military District reports.
Point shot Su-34: scenes of large-scale aviation testing in the air defense plant.
According to the legend of the exercise, the bombers will maneuver to attack the airfield using the EW assets, and the fighters will have to destroy them at long ranges. In total, 10 crews of the Voronezh and Kursk Aviation Regiments will take part in the training.
About who will win, you can judge by the data of objective control, which are installed on each machine.

Unique footage Su-34 bomber from the night training

Unique footage from Su-34 bomber cabin in the night bombing,twenty fighter-bombers took part in the training flights. The squadron of Su-34 bombers of the Western Military District, deployed in the Voronezh region, carried out a practical bombing in the night. Crews of fighter-bombers struck in the composition of links on ground targets imitating fortifications, tank columns, airplanes on airfields and command posts of the conventional enemy. For destroying targets were used high-explosive aviation bombs FAB-210 and FAB-500.
Control of the defeating the targets was carried out with the help of visual control and guidance stations. Aircraft crews worked out escape from the air defense systems of the conventional enemy and conducted conditional air battles.


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