New Russian aerobatic team “Wings of Tavrida”

8GDPMTAThe name of the latest Russian Air Force aerobatic team will be “Wings of Tavrida”. Tavrida is the ancient name of Crimean Peninsula, which became part of Russian Federation.

The team will fly Yak-130 aircraft painted in red and white colors, as the first public appearance will be a fly over the Red Square in Moscow during the Victory Parade at May 9. The rumors about new Russian Air Force aerobatic team that have to fly Yak-130 planes appeared in 2010, when the Russian Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov signed an order on June 9 to disband Russian Knights and Swifts demonstration teams.

11Then some sources announced that the both teams would merge in one flying Yak-130 aircraft. Fortunately, this not happened. In December 2012, The Commander of Russian Air Force Gen. Lt. Viktor Bondarev announced the establishment of completely new aerobatic team to fly Yak-130 and the equipment of the Russian Knights and Swifts with new fighters.



Su-30 and Yak-130 production line – Irkutsk Aviation plant Irkut

Corporation Irkut was established 2002.y based on Irkutsk Aircraft Production Association. Integration was into the corporate structure of JSC “Yakovlev Design Bureau Yakovlev “to ensure the expansion of the production and the development of the Corporation.

There are production, assembling and development center for Su-30SM, Su-30MK, Yak-130, and more and more aeronautical and aerospace engineering and production subjects.

The plant has manufactured nearly 7000 aircraft of more than 20 types since 1934, which were delivered to 40 countries.

In addition, the plant has launched a new assembly line for civil aircraft manufacture where production of the MC-21 family of airliners is organized.